The Alan Jay Lerner Album

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From The Alan Jay Lerner CD liner notes:

"My connection with Mr. Lerner goes back to my childhood in Kansas.  I was singing "They Call the Wind Maria" on the wagon train, before I knew whom Alan Jay Lerner was or that songs didn't write themselves.  All I knew, the song was perfect to sing around the roaring campfire on those star filled summer nights.  A romantic plea of loss, longing and searching, sung into the darkness.  Fifteen years later I was lucky enough to be working with Mr. Lerner in what was to be his final Broadway collaboration, this time with Charles Strouse, called Dance a Little Closer.  We knew we were in trouble.  The week before the opening we anxiously gathered in the lobby of the Minskoff Theatre for what we were told was going to be script cuts and major changes to the show.  The changes added up to about a line and a half of dialogue.  That was it!  On the way back to our dressing rooms the consensus was we might last a week.  To everyone's disappointment, we opened and closed in one night.  I have included two of my favorite songs from that beautiful score.
This project actually started taking shape after a concert version of On a Clear Day at City Center Encores!  The first selection chosen was my song from that score, "She Wasn't You."  When putting together a compilation of this kind, you try to include as broad a spectrum of the subject's work as you can.  Since I have already recorded a full version of Brigadoon, I decided we should skip that score as well as another often recorded Lerner/Loewe masterwork, Camelot, so that we could include a fewer lesser-known selections.  Even a couple not available before on CD.  I hope you will find these selections by one of Broadway's supreme lyricists as exhilarating and romantic as I did the first time I heard them.  It was a privilege to know Alan Jay Lerner, and ever more now, to celebrate him".
- Brent Barrett, 2002