Holiday CD:
"Christmas Mornings"

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From Brent:

"Like most kids, Christmas-time was always my favorite time of the year.  I loved everything about it: Mom’s Christmas candy, the parties, the decorations, the presents, and the music.  The music was everywhere.

Well, Christmas came early this year, thanks to my dear friend and musical director, Christopher Denny. He and I had often toyed with the idea of doing a Christmas album.  In January, I attended a show Chris was playing in Los Angeles.  At the show, we bumped into Bruce Kimmel, the producer of my first two solo recordings.  Chris asked Bruce about doing a Christmas recording, and Bruce said, “let’s do it!”

Christmas Mornings, is a combination of songs that I loved listening to growing up and some that I have grown to love over the years. The recording also includes two new Christmas songs, one written by yours truly.

So, this is my tribute to the “most wonderful time of the year.” 

I hope you enjoy it.".

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